Well hey! That’s weird. It’s been more than three months since I created this little social networking account, and this is only my second post. We’re gonna fix that.

Let’s see here… I’m still very new to blogging so be patient please.

I guess I’ll re-kick this off by telling you a little something about myself- I’m the most awkward person on earth. It’s funny because you probably think I’m kidding. Well I’m not. Everywhere I go awkward situations are waiting for me.

Just the other day I was at soccer practice early and the coaches hadn’t arrived yet. No big deal, right? Well too bad our practice field is blocked off by a fence and a gate that happened to be locked. I heard from some of the other girls that it happened all time, and we could just jump the fence.

Well I can’t exactly jump fences.

I tried however. I tried my hardest.

After a few tries i was half way there. I was up, one foot still locked into the fences wires, and the other resting upon the top bar in between my hands. It was then that I started to teeter. I screamed to my friend “OHMIGARSHIMFINNAFALL”. And she couldn’t help but laugh.

Did I fall?

I ended up regaining my balance long enough to convince myself that I could safely make it over. And then, as slowly as a sloth, I started tipping forward, unsure what to think. When enough of my weight was on the other side I toppled over and rolled down the hill on the other side.

Everyone saw it.

And that’s the whole story.

Now that you know the extent of my awkward nature, do with it what you will.